Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An angry conservative

So, I was in Kansas City this weekend for a business conference. Thankfully, my team is a very patriotic group of entrepreneurs, and had a guest speaker that got me fired up. David Barton from Wall Builders. He delivered a talk about revisionist history that made me mad enough to think about hunting a few folks down. I'm not going to do that. No, rather I'm going to make it very clear to our tyrants, er, I mean "civil servants" that the status quo has changed. I strongly encourage everyone to take a look at that site.

While at the conference, I also stumbled upon a book by Mark R. Levin, Liberty and Tyranny. The intro and the first chapter really got me going. I'll most likely be making some posts inspired by my reading. Get the book. At $25, it's worth every penny, and I haven't even finished it.

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