Thursday, July 7, 2011

Double-take on Guerrilla Warfare

Can't remember where I first saw this, so my apologies. However, this is an excellent examination of two different ways to conduct guerrilla warfare. Think big picture and how it applies to us fighting to restore our republic.


On my way home from a side job yesterday, I was listening to the radio, and it stoked some thoughts.

I realize it was a depressing set of posts I put up on Monday - that's how I felt. But that's not the whole story. Sometimes we need to be reminded of other things.

America is not lost yet. The spirit of America is still alive. Joplin, Missouri should show us that. The floods in North Dakota, also. People still help others, still love others, still fight for what is right.

Yes, the governments are doing all that they can to squelch the spirit - but they have not succeeded yet. There is still hope. We can still restore America, hopefully without bloodshed. Perhaps that is overly optimistic. We must hope for the best, though. Prepare for the worst, yes, but never lose hope.

If people need educated, let's educate them. If they need woken up, let's shake them. Let us do whatever we can to save our country without a bloody fight.

Never give up.

Act Free.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Reading for the Fourth

From like-minded folks.

Arctic Patriot

Sipsey Street

Sultan Knish

Independence Day

Many people will be celebrating today - I will not. Yeah, I'm going to watch some fireworks tonight, but only because that's where my wife will be.

I have to think this year that too many don't even understand what they are celebrating. They don't understand the dire straits this country is in right now. They don't know, much less understand, our founding documents. They don't see that if they founders were alive today, they would tell us that they declared independence under circumstances less dire than those of today, and ask why we haven't done the same.

No, today I will not be celebrating. I will be reflecting, thinking, and praying.
Please do the same.

Act Free.