Friday, July 20, 2012

Thanks and Farewell?

I realize to any that follow this blog that posts in the last year have become much more sporadic. I do appreciate that folks are still taking a look and responding, but I have to be honest that this is no longer one of my priorities in life.

We are at a stage, I believe, where it's too late to talk. Even if it wasn't, I don't really have much to add to the conversations that I see taking place around the web that others aren't already adding. Add to that that life is getting more and more interesting, and trying to get things in place to protect my family for what I view as the inevitable collapse of our society, whether financial or political (either way it won't be pretty), and I honestly just have better things to do most of the time, not to mention no home internet access.

I don't believe the elections will change anything but the speed of collapse, and I am not willing to sacrifice my principles to vote for someone (Romney) who will only take his foot off the gas a bit. I know there are some who will poo-poo me for this decision, saying principles are fine but sometimes you have to compromise. Oh well, not the first time I've been derided for being stubborn and "unreasonable". When the choices presented are Satan or a Demon, you select neither and instead petition God for mercy and grace. That's where I stand, anyway.

So, with that, I thank you all for reading. I'm not saying this will be my last post for eternity, but I am saying not to get upset if you don't see anything new here.

Stay safe, get yourselves ready for whatever is coming, and if you want good reading material, check out the blogs in my sidebar. They are often full of good thoughts.