Friday, March 19, 2010

When Wifey's Away . . .

I will play!

While I have the house to myself for the next week (wife's out of state), I will be shooting and cleaning guns, as well as working on a project I've just recently gotten an itching to do - refinish my Mosin-Nagant M38.

A little history on this particular piece of my collection . . .
Make in 1943 at the Izhevsk Arsenal in Russia, I have no idea how many owners it has had. It was given to me by a guy at church. He had been given it years ago, left it in a garage on one of his properties, and forgotten about it. Said garage partially burned (don't know what started the fire). While he was cleaning the garage, he found the rifle and brought it to church since he didn't know what it was. I knew immediately, and he let me bring it home to clean the rust and gunk off of it, and try to take it deer hunting, if time allowed. Went back to church after I cleaned it up, and he told me to keep it. Not one to turn down a gun I've wanted since I was 16, I didn't argue much.

So, I've had the gun shooting a bit, and I've got about 800 rounds of mil-surp 1976 Polish ammo for it. Not tremendously accurate, though I think that's the rifle. I intend to fix that with some slight alterations to the rifle. Should turn it into a good 3-400 yard gun, open sight, military ammo.

Anyway, I'm refinishing the stock, and cleaning up all the metal parts VERY well. Still some rust spots I hadn't gotten to, since I hadn't disassembled it. Considering re-bluing it. If anyone knows of a good, fairly inexpensive cold blue, let me know.

I will definitely post pics when it's done (probably take more than just this week). Hopefully I'll also have an accuracy fix to report. Gonna be a fun week!

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