Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another New Shooter (or two)

Recently some of my wife's family spent a week with us, including three of her younger cousins. The older of them, who is just starting college here locally, 800 miles from home, I taught a few summers ago how to shoot. Well, her 17-year-old sister wanted to learn, too. Never one to turn down an opportunity to shoot, or teach a new shooter, especially female, I jumped on it. Sorry I don't have any pictures, just a video I'm not posting because I haven't transferred it to the computer yet, and to tell the truth, the best part wasn't captured anyway.

To start with, safety. Four rules. Then a going-over of the parts of the .22 rifle I was going to be using to teach her, an old Savage Model 66. My grandpa gave it to me last month after owning it for 66 years. No telling how many thousands of rounds we have put through it over the years. After the initial nervousness, she started enjoying it, just like everyone does. she shot almost a straight line up and down at 12 yards, so I told her to control her breathing, and she got some grouping. Having fun, and ready to try the pistol.

So, we close to about 5 yards, go over pistol parts and proper grip/stance, and boy did she learn fast. She was immediately shooting better groups on the target than any new people I've taken shooting for the first or second time. She though it was bad that she was that close to the target and still rounds were several inches apart in the circle. Then I explained how GOOD she was actually doing, and the fun became exhilaration. The look on her face as she continued shooting was one that I don't think a picture could have done justice if I had tried. She was taught, and empowered, and it was written all over her face. Her grouping even got better as she went. Natural shooter indeed. To make it even better, she then asked her dad for a gun for Christmas. She was turned down, but will soon be 18 and able to take her new love as her own personal responsibility.

The other good part was getting to expose her 11-year-old sister to shooting. It was getting dark by the time that she got to the point of wanting to try, as she had been watching us the whole time. So I went over safety and function again with her, sat her on the porch, and loaded a single round since that's all she wanted to try (yeah, right, they never stop after the first one). True to my expectations, she fired it and asked to fire again. I loaded three more (again, almost dark) and let her fire them. A happy girl, and I think a new convert once I get ahold of her again.

Two minors taught proper gun safety and handling, shooting over 100 rounds total, no injuries, or even near injuries. All rules were followed, and two young ladies found a new love. A night, and ammo well spent.

Brady bunch, chew on that. That, my dear readers, is why us gunnies win.

Act Free.

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