Friday, November 4, 2011

OC Joy

Something I've noticed lately has made me very happy. I've been seeing a lot of people open carrying their sidearms. And not just young folks, either. That was the chord that was struck today - two "old" men were carrying. I mean, old enough to be retired.

Now, I see OC almost every day at work, and am happy whenever I see it. Seeing older folks doing it makes me that much happier. To me, that means it's starting to mainstream in our area.

Freedom may be coming back in style...

Act Free.


Bob G. said...

That's a nice thing...
The new show AMERICAN GUNS takes place in Colorado, and everyone is packing in the OPEN.

It would behoove ALL those law-abiding citizens WITH sidearms to acquaint themselves as to THEIR particular state's regulations regarding OPEN carry.

Many people do not avail themselves of this right...and they should.

Make the BAD GUY sweat for a change...and be a patriot as well.
Sounds like a WIN-WIN to me.

Roll safe out there.

Matt said...

Absolutely. Now, I will grant that some do have valid points as to why they don't/won't OC. The most convincing article I've read on it is here:

He is not anti-OC, just anti-himself-OC. The article (and the rest of the site) is worth the read.