Monday, November 16, 2009

Now for the fun stuff, taking a kid shooting

Yesterday between church services, I finally got to do something I had been planning on for a long while - take a 12-year old shooting. Sorry, no pics since I didn't get to ask his mother how she felt about them being on the web.

We ended up shooting four guns, my Bersa 380, S&W 22A, Springfield M6 Scout(which is for sale, should anyone be interested), and my M&P 15.
He had never fired a pistol before, and had only fired a 22LR and 410 a few times before, without much instruction, it seemed. He found love with two of my guns, the 22A and the M6. I will say he got to be pretty good with that pistol having never shot one before, and the shotgun, well, he nailed some milk jugs with it. We ended up shooting for at least 2 hours by the time it was all done.

Now, you have to understand, this is the kid that when I mentioned to others I was taking him shooting, they replied "Good Luck" and "Better wear a bullet proof vest". He is known for being slightly rambunctious to say the least, so perhaps they were correct to think that. It's not entirely his fault, as he doesn't have a father close by. He has a wonderful grandfather, but that only goes so far. He needs good male influence, and a lot of it.
However, we went over safety rules, and I made it very plain that failure to follow the rules results in an end to the shooting. He was VERY disciplined, and one time even caught me for forgetting to put a gun back on safe when done firing it. He now not only wants to go shooting again, but wants to go hunting with me this Saturday when deer season opens. His mom said it's completely up to me. I may be picking up a blind and having a kid with me.

Gotta scout his grandparents land in the next couple days to see where to set up. Good thing the gun is sighted in, cause I don't have much time left to get ready.

Take a kid shooting. Teach them responsibility and discipline, and you will impact them forever.

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