Monday, November 30, 2009

Write your Senators!

I wrote my Senators today. Have you written yours?

I am writing concerning the health bill currently in the Senate. I have watched as the house voted to pass the bill, despite the disapproval of the majority of Americans. I would like to let you know I strongly disapprove of all current government measures for health care reform. I know many of the implications this bill has, and some of it's possible unintended consequences, plus the intended ones by those who would rather take America to Hell than help people. Here are some of my thoughts:
1. I do not want the government in health care except to regulate sanitation practices.
2. No pay caps for doctors.
3. We need Medicare/Medicaid reform before the cost of health care goes down.
4. NO MORE TAXES! Not of any shape, size, or name.
5. NO MORE DEFICIT SPENDING! We need to pay back our debt and never add to it again.
6. No money for abortion. Period.
7. No more government control over any private industry. Government control runs countries into the ground. In the case of health care, I know hospitals will be forced to close, and doctors will stop practicing.
8. No butting into my finances or health records.
9. No rationing of care.
10. No individual insurance mandate or government plan approval requirement.
11. See this page for more thoughts of what needs to be done:
Basically, what I'm saying is that I want the government to stay out of my business and quit regulating free enterprise into the dirt. I will be watching how you vote on this and other government involvement issues.

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