Monday, May 10, 2010

Golf Balls and a Pistol

So, I've been wanting to post this for about 3 weeks, but have been sorely lacking for both time and energy.
I got the itching to shoot the .40 at targets smaller than soda cans, and I just happened to have some golf balls from another project I had worked on, so I decided that would be some decent fun. Now I had two questions: Could I hit a golf ball at 7 yards with a sub-compact .40, and what would it do to a golf ball if I could. Well, I discovered that I could hit them. So, to satisfy my quest for an answer to the second question, I shot 6 golf balls. Three with FMJ, three with JHP. Next are pictures.

Typical FMJ entrance hole

Typical FMJ exit hole

Typical JHP entrance

Typical JHP exit

I was pretty amazed at the self-healing capabilities of the golf balls. Still, you can tell the JHP rounds did more damage and left a more permanent wound. Of course, it was rather fun watching the first ball fly back 20 feet into the tree line after being hit.

To wrap it up, I will end in the manner of those at The Box O' Truth.

Lessons learned:
1. It takes a lot of practice to hit a golf ball consistently with a handgun.
2. Golf balls can not only take a beating, but also a good shooting.
3. It's fun to shoot stuff.

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