Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Via Sipsey Street comes this video.

This, my friends, is why we are in the situation we are in. We have a bunch of people who have been dumbed down by our education system and the media. They have no desire to learn truth or reason, but merely want their share of your things, and they'll vote for whoever promises them free lunch. I have to question how Savage was as kind as he was in this video. This kind of stuff makes me start thinking about throwing some bleach into the gene pool. Oh well, when the excrement hits the impeller, people like this have already set themselves up to be the first wave to die off. No outside action required. I hope and pray we can talk sense into some of them before it's too late.


Lance said...

Things like this woman's responses makes me understand why the government thinks the population of the U.S. is stupid and that they will get away with just about anything that they want to do. If people do not get involved and learn about what is really going on then they will be just like the woman in this audio clip.

Matt said...

You're absolutely right.You have to understand that the government is a big part of the reason people are that stupid. They designed it that way.
Take a look at our education system. It is based on the Prussian system, the goal of which was to turn out employees and soldiers - people who follow orders, even if they don't like them. Take a look the the curriculum in our schools. It is decidedly biased and is revisionist history. The government doesn't want the people to remember where we came from, or the values of those who dedicated their lives to the preservation of freedom in this republic.

I don't know which is our greater problem now - ignorance, or the fact that they don't WANT to learn. I would say it's the latter if I had to guess.