Saturday, July 3, 2010

For All the Immigrants in the United States, Whether Legal or Illegal . . .

Late last night I heard on the news a story in Jackson, not the first one of it's kind, which made me even more mad. As Mike V. would say it, my thoughts were, "Oh, HELL No!"
You see there is a man in Jackson who comes from a long line of veterans, and flies his American flag proudly for all to see.
There is a woman in Jackson who lives in the same apartment complex. She is from the Bahamas. She filed a complaint saying that the flag offended her and she wanted it removed.

First, a message for all of the legal immigrants/Americans who are proud of our flag; we know you understand what it means, and that when you left the old country, you have devoted yourself to ours. We welcome you. You help make America great.

Here is a message for that woman, and all immigrants, legal or otherwise who are not proud of our flag. And for all "Americans" who are not proud of that flag and what it stands for, the sentiment of this message applies to you as well. We did not force you to come here. You left a flag on your own terms to come to America because of the freedoms we have under our flag, which many men and women have laid down their lives to protect. By saying that our flag offends you, you insult us and those who died to create the country you came to for a better life.You insult the ideals upon which this country was made great. You insult freedom. You are not worthy to walk on the ground, sail in the water, or fly in the air above this great nation. To put it simply,
If this flag offends you -


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