Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quote of the Day - Confessions of an IRS Agent Edition

So, after church tonight I got into a conversation with a fellow I harass about being a tax collector. Turns out, he is much more conservative than I thought. From among other things he said, I would like to highlight this:
"I used to watch MSNBC just to make myself mad."
Yep, that's about the only reason to watch that lapdog station.

On another note, he had some rather disturbing things to say about the nation's current situations and how he thinks some things might play out. He said that he and some of his friends, who are brilliant economists, have been talking, and that they predict massive inflation in the near future.

He also said he is planning to begin stocking up on foodstuffs, firearms, and ammunition. Seems like a pretty good hint to me. If you want a good source of info on things in that area, go to Worth your time.

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