Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On Continuing to Blog

I have decided that since I am now on the USDOJ radar, it's time to stop blogging. Or not. I find it interesting that they stumbled across me by doing a Google search for Mike's blog, which they surely already know the location of. It's not like I didn't already have suspicions of being on one of the phony watch lists, so it's all good, just now it's probably official.

Now, as far as blogging goes, regular readers have probably noticed a lot of silence in the past month or so. Life happens. I'm planning to do less writing about what I read online, seeing as how most of it is linked to in the "Daily Reads" section of the sidebar. Those folks generally have some stuff that is worth reading. My focus is going to be more on offline reading. I've been working on several things, but if I keep letting myself get caught up in posting what everyone else is writing, I won't have much time for meaningful reading and writing myself. Well, between that and the internet being an extremely distracting place . . . So, the plan is to continue my offline studies and share what I find important or interesting here. I hope that will be much more useful to you than me being a parrot.

And Lance, I haven't forgotten about the UN guns items. That's still in the plans. I'll work on having that in the near future.

Until then, carry on and keep getting ready for whatever the future holds.

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Lance said...

Not to worry. Always check back as much as I can. been way busy myself. Good luck and keep in touch.