Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why I Love My Wife

For my birthday, my wife, a wonderful artist, did three charcoal drawings for me. One is of us at our wedding. Another is of Thomas Jefferson. The third, as well as my favorite (don't tell her I said that), is a rendition of this statue of George Washington:

Now, compare that pic to her drawing:
Notice anything different? No? Okay, let me zoom in for you:
For those of you who still don't realize it (though I'm guessing almost anyone who would visit my blog would recognize the difference), the cane has been replace with an AR-15 pattern rifle. Now of course I don't think Washington would have ever held a rifle with the barrel in the ground, but it's just a nice, symbolic picture. I wouldn't have said anything to my wife about it until I walked into the bedroom and found my rifle in the same condition as in the picture. No-No. Come to think of it, that means she was handling my loaded rifle, and has no idea how it operates . . . or what/where the safety is for that matter . . . She does know what the bang switch is, though, and not to touch it, so I guess we're alright. But I digress . . .

I guess this drawing goes to show my wife knows me, even if she doesn't understand me. What more could I ask?

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