Sunday, September 26, 2010

If My Wife Wouldn't Kill Me For It . . .

I would immediately volunteer for active work fighting the insurgency/invasion of our southern border. Who knows, I may end up fighting it anyway. Via Alvie comes this two part story. Check out his take on it as well.

“This is their corridor, where they move everything. Drugs, money, wetbacks. They’ll shoot at anybody. Like I said, if you look like you’re hunting around, looking to interfere with their business, steal their stuff, nab wetbacks, whatever, they’ll shoot you.”
As he clarified later, he was describing the corridor between Sasabe and Nogales.
“Nobody can go out and do any work on this ranch alone. You always have to go out in pairs. And no one drives down the road you just did, it’s too dangerous.”
I began surveying the land around us, myself.
“There’s a dead body that’s been laying out over past that hill, too, for awhile now.”
Grizz and I looked at each other, and then he spoke up again, this time asking a key question: “How do you see all this ending, X?”
“There’s a bloodbath coming, and everybody knows it.”

Language Warning! (not my site, in the links)

Look, folks, we have terrorists operating on OUR SIDE of the border with Mexico. If you don't believe me, look up the definition of terrorist and compare that with what is described in this story. Not only terrorists, but invaders. They are an armed foreign force, dwelling within our borders and conducting their "business". And you know what our federal government is doing about it? Well, I'll put my thoughts this way - if they pulled the border patrol out of there and let the local militias take care of the problem, we'd be a lot better off, and so would the ranchers down there.

We have a federal government which is doing everything outside of its Constitutionally restricted power (mandated health insurance, restrictions on civil liberties, etc.) while they are not doing the jobs it is DELEGATED BY THE STATES AND THE PEOPLE, in this case, "provide for the common defense" (Article 1, Section 8), "To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and REPEL INVASIONS" (also Article 1, Section 8).

So, to perhaps strike some thought cords, what are your plans when the house of cards falls, Mexican terrorists occupy several states, Muslim terrorists likewise, and our nation is only a shell of what used to be a powerful nemesis for any who dared attack? Mind you that the Mexicans in question do what they do for money, so how possible (probable) is it that they are accepting payments from Muslim terrorists to smuggle both the terrorists AND some nasty weaponry across the border, just to wait for the right time to press the red button?

If you think what I am saying is fear-mongering, then you have no critical thinking skills. If you thing this is a rational set of questions to ask and points to make, especially given the comments in the story, then what are you doing to prepare for the possibility?

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