Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shooting Fun

Today I finally had the chance to get out and shoot a little bit, so I decided to fire the old Mosin Nagant M38 and get it sighted back in after having done some work on it. I also shot a few rounds through my pistol, and would have shot more if it were not so cost-prohibitive. Here are a few things I would like to impart to my readers about the experience today.

  1. The M38 still kicks like a freakin’ mule, even with a 1” butt pad on it. I think I can still feel the results of the 32 rounds I put through it.
  2. I need more practice with my pistol. The first 5 rounds I shot were totally unacceptable. Wouldn’t be such a big deal if it wasn’t my carry gun.
  3. It still is a %$#@$% to clean a rifle after firing corrosive ammo through it.
  4. If you are cleaning said rifle in the bathtub (soapy water + window cleaner), finish before your wife gets home. Make sure to clean up the mess you left in the bathtub, but don’t clean the whole tub (unless that’s normal for you) because your wife will then know you were up to something.
  5. While looking though gun cleaning supplies, if you value you’re your life or marriage, when you find that stripper clip you were missing, do not excitedly say, “There’s my other stripper!”
  6. As Old_Painless would say, "Shooting stuff is still fun."


Bob G. said...

ROFLMAO on the "stripper" line...!

Cost-prohibitive pistol?
What caliber is it?
I know that .45 ACP isn't as cheap as it SHOULD be.

A Mosin Nagant, eh?
Best to get an Enfield...the kick is more like a SMALL

Stay safe.

Matt said...

It's a sub-compact .40 S&W. Cheapest I can get is $13.50 per box of 50. Not bad, except that my budget makes it a struggle to buy .22LR. I do have a .22 pistol to practice form and technique, but it doesn't replicate grip size or recoil very well. I really need to do more dry-firing, but it's $20 for a pack of snap caps.

Yes, a Mosin Nagant. I would like an Enfield, but this one was free. All I had to do was clean it up after it had sat in a garage a few years.

Bob G. said...

Well, ANY gun that's FREE is worth the pain then, right?

A 50 rd box of .45 ACP can't be had for under $20 in most places.

Just got a box of Speer GDHP in .45 ACP for $30...and that was ONLY 20 rds.
And I had to go to Bluffton, IN to get

You could "split the difference" and go for a .380 - better size and a bit more recoil.
Or a 9mm mousegun works, too.

Stay safe out there.

Matt said...

I actually started with a .380. My .40 is about the same size, and the ammo is actually a couple bucks cheaper per box than .380. Wal-Mart has the new Tul-Ammo for my .40 at around $13 per 50. It burns clean and it's reliable, too.

I'm hoping to get some ammo come tax refund. At the very least a bunch of .22LR.