Wednesday, March 2, 2011

TN Senate Bills to Watch

I discovered last week that on one of the PBS stations in our area, it is showing sessions of the TN Legislature, including committees. I’ll start off by saying that I now believe there is incredibly large population of idiots in Memphis. They elected a certain Senator Marrero, who is either a flaming liberal or a moron, but I repeat myself. Anyway, on to the reason for the post.

The TN Senate Judiciary Committee was discussing a couple bills (which passed out of committee) relating to firearms which I thought I should give some publicity.

The first is SB 0306. This bill would give all handgun carry permit holders the ability to buy firearms without additional background checks, since we have already had extensive checks performed on us to get the permit in the first place. If you fail to renew your permit, this of course cuts off for you. For permit holders, this saves time, not to mention $10 each time you buy a new firearm.

The other bill is SB 0519. This is simple enough. It codifies into law that it is not a hazard to employees of a business for customers to be allowed to carry firearms into the building.

If you are a Tennessean, talk to your state congress-critters to support both of these bills. The bills may not go as far as they should, but we are going to have to reclaim our rights the same way we surrendered them – little by little.

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