Thursday, September 3, 2009

Presidential Tracking

So, Obama's plan to have people rat out their neighbors failed, and now he is trying to instead collect data on networking sites such as facebook and myspace.

Of course, he and his staff relate it back to the Presidential Records Act, but that's a load of bull. That act says that records have to be kept of comments made by the president and his staff, not comments made by citizens.

No doubt this will be used to pick out people who speak out against Obama. I believe that they will be collecting information that is anywhere on said sites, not just on the WH pages. That is most likely the reason for the confidentiality clause in the contract. The WH intends to collect more information that it says it will (even the info it says it wants to collect is unconstitutional), and they don't want people to look at records and discover just what has been collected. It's the only thing that makes sense.

Things are about to get very ugly.

Hat tip The Liberty Sphere

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