Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Carry on Campus

So, I've been thinking for a while about the issue of guns on college campuses. The thought strikes me again recently with my wife starting back to school, which means I am sometimes in the car with her on campus.

Now, according to TN law, I can legally have my gun on campus as long as:
a) I do not leave the car with my gun, or
b) I do not leave my gun in the car without my attendance, and
c) I do not handle my gun while on the campus.

So, a few thoughts about this. First, why is it that I can be trusted almost everywhere in the state, including restaurants that serve alcohol (as long as I don't consume any), but I suddenly become a criminal for wanting to protect myself and my wife on a college campus. That line of thought really goes for anywhere that I am prohibited from carrying, such as the post office. If I walk into a post office with my concealed firearm, go to the counter and be cordial as I always am to the worker, make my purchase and leave peacefully, I am considered a felon. Who did I threaten? Who did I harm that I became (theoretically) a felon? Why do I suddenly become an untrusted individual because I cross a property line.

Along that same line of thought, why am I trusted with the gun inside my car, but I suddenly become a threat if I step out of my car. Ever heard of a drive-by? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the people in those cars are more dangerous than me. You see, I work at a gas station. I see hundreds of idiots daily, and others who cause me great offense, particularly people who are racist or view the government as a savior. Yet for some reason, I don't shoot anyone. Come to think of it, I don't even get the urge to show or draw my weapon. You know why? It's because I carry to deal with threats, nothing else. The only reason I have to draw my weapon is as a deterrence to further violence. Most criminals don't like resistance or a fight, and will run if they see a gun. I pray that if I ever have to draw, I won't have to pull the trigger.

You see, those of us who carry don't have the supposedly itchy trigger-fingers that anti-gunners like to portray us as having. We are the people who would much rather avoid confrontation if at all possible. However, we are not so naive as to believe that the world only has honest, peaceful individuals. We are men and women who stand up to the task of defending ourselves and those we love. It is our responsibility to avoid confrontation where possible, but our right and duty to end violent force through the use of force where avoidance is not possible.

We are not dangerous to those who are peaceful; only to those who are dangerous. That does not change because we step out of our car or step off the sidewalk onto a different property. Disarming us makes the world a more dangerous place for honest, peace-loving people. Gun free zones make the world a safer place for criminals. Wouldn't you rather it be safer for honest peace-lovers and more dangerous for criminals? Or would you rather just roll over onto your back and pee yourself in helplessness against a criminal?

Your call on whether you carry or not, or even support it or not.
Me, I have a family to take care of. That's why I carry.


Alexander Kaminski said...

I could not like this post any more than i do now. This is everything i want to say and more to individuals and groups who are anti-gun. Things people don't realize no matter the laws you make, a criminal is exactly what they are, a criminal, they will do whatever they please without the second thought of a law. If they want a gun then they will get one, and whats a better scenario, a criminal with a gun that walks into a group full of people with no guns and has the utmost advantage to get whatever they want, or a criminal that walks into a group of people knowing every single person is armed and trained to use their weapon. Any person in their right or even non-existent mind would not take the chance to get themselves hurt as self-preservation is the number one human attribute. To all anti-gun rallies and support groups, what you hope to achieve will not only be detriment our own personal amendments leading way to even more of our freedoms being taken away, but it will lead to an extremely unsafe society in which the criminals will proceed to be criminals, and we will be left defenseless and in a state of utter mercy to the opposing party. I may be a teenager that in the near future will be attending college, but i have been trained in the use of firearms by my brother in law who was in special forces. It not only gives me the highest feeling of safety i have ever felt to know how to handle and use the power of a firearm, but it also opens my eyes to the ignorance of these supposed american people who only want to live in a government regulated "box" and they will live in that box no matter if their freedoms and rights are taken away, as long as they are safe and they don't have to see anything going on in the real world. Open your eyes people! You are giving away rights that people shed their own blood for, rights your own ancestors fought and died for, so that you could be free, and you're giving them all away because you're too afraid to leave your shell. Anyone who lets this happen isn't an american at heart, and should be ashamed of themselves.

Matt said...

Thank you, Alexander.

As you are young, you may not see it yet, but in our society currently, logical thought is almost unacceptable. What you will have to learn is how to drop things subtly so that people eventually reach the conclusion on their own. The other option is to let them watch the television, and they will figure out soon enough (hopefully not too late) that they have to take responsibility for themselves.

Personal responsibility is on the outs right now, too. Until the sense of responsibility and morality is regained in this country, there is nothing really to do but spread the message and hope it takes root.