Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maybe they're getting it

I just watched a story on the news (ABC) about guns. I had to watch it to find out if I had to write any letters to the station for false information. Interestingly, I didn't hear any.

The story started by pointing out the dramatic increase in gun sales over 2005. Then they said that most of these purchases are by law-abiding citizens. I was shocked! To hear a mainstream station call me a law-abiding citizen was amazing, especially since I just bought a new gun a few weeks ago.

They pointed out some illegal purchases: straw buyers (those with a clean record who buy the gun for someone who legally cannot, i.e. felons) and black market sales. Of course, gunnies already knew about this and have been saying for a long time what the story said; guns can be purchased legally by law-abiding citizens or illegally by law-breaking goblins.

Honestly, I don't know if they had a motive for this story, like pushing for gun control by showing they can be bought illegally. I lean against that, since they also said that drugs are bought illegally through the same channels as illegal guns. Perhaps they were actually doing unbiased reporting. It appears to be a small step in the right direction. We shall see.


Mike W. said...

I took it as anti-gun, because they jumped from showing the graphic of the increase in firearms sales (legal of course) right into how easy it is to get a gun illegally (in a motel room or from an FFL willing to break the law)

In doing so they're trying to conflate the two (illegal sales and the increase in legal sales) in the mind of the viewer. When I watch these I have to remember just how ignorant the average viewer is to firearms, the laws, transaction process etc. etc.

Matt said...

Yeah, I thought about that too. I might have just been sidetracked by the thought that a mainstream network aired a story that called me law-abiding. Maybe they threw it in there to pacify gunnies. Maybe it was real. I'm trying to be defensively optimistic, but I do understand how dangerous that is with all the ignorant watching the indoctrination. Definitely see where you're coming from.