Friday, August 7, 2009

The truth about legal gun owners

Ran across this article while looking for something else. Glad I stopped to read it, as it gave me some hope for the media after all.

"Start Telling the Truth About Legal Gun Owners"

I just want to clarify something he said.
"How many people are killed each year by licensed gun carriers in Tennessee? None to date."

The statistic he references is the unjustifiable killings. In Tennessee, there have to be three conditions existent for a killing to be considered justifiable (which means it is not considered a crime). 1. you must be in fear for your life. 2. Your attacker must have shown intent 3. and ability to harm.

In other words, you can't shoot someone who is threatening to kill you if they are standing still 25 yards away and unarmed. If said person rushes towards you while still screaming the threats, then shooting could be considered justifiable self defense, provided all three above conditions are met.

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