Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Amendment and Free Market Society Under Attack

Now the Obama Administration is planning on silencing opposition by trying to silence conservative radio. Read about it here and here.

Now there are two basic problems with this. One, it is limiting free speech. That's the obvious one. The not-so-obvious is that it's limiting free enterprise. The conservative talk radio has gained so much success over the liberal talk radio because people have chosen it. People want to listen to it because there are more facts than hysteria, the opposite of liberal radio. That's why the liberal TV and paper media are suffering as well. People are tired of hearing false emotional response and want facts to make a valid decision.

Now, as much as I disagree with the liberal media, I would never support anything that restricts their rights to broadcast. I will attack and expose their lies as I see fit, but I won't tell them to shut up and get out of the way. It's a free country, for now anyway. Let the people choose what they want to hear, keep the government out of decisions. Period.

Make sure to keep an eye on The Liberty Sphere. Great info there.

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