Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ammo Review

Today, while running errands, I stopped by my local gun store. The little family-run shop actually had .380 ammunition, at the cheapest cost of $24 per box of 50. Ugh, I was paying half that a little over a year ago. On the other hand, they have it right now and no one else does, and my supply is down to about 60 rounds, way too low for a gun nut like myself. So, I picked up a box of the Sellier and Bellot 92gr FMJ to see how it runs through my Bersa, and how accurate it is.

I get home and get a sudden itch to shoot right away (not that that's new or anything), so I load 5 rounds in a mag and head outside. Started off firing 3 rounds at 7 yards to check initial grouping. WOW!!! About a 1/2 inch group! I have NEVER done that with my Bersa before. I've done some nice grouping with the Aguila ammo I've been using, but not THAT nice. I stepped back to 15 yards, hit way low the first time (my error, not the ammo), corrected that for my last round, which hit 1/2 inch from the group.

I'm impressed. I'm gonna shoot through the rest of the box on a warmer day to see if that's consistent with the ammo, or if I just had a fluke. I'm guessing it's the ammo, in which case Robertson's will be getting more of my money.

Rounds were hitting high on the target, so I guess I wasn't gripping tight enough. I'll correct that next time I'm out.

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