Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So, right before we went to church tonight, we had on the television in a rare case, and ABC faux news in an even rarer case. Some moron was interviewing Obama about health care. Guess what Obama said?

  • Without this bill, healthcare premiums will be driven up
  • Without this bill, unemployment will go up
  • Without this bill, companies will drop benefits
  • Without this bill, the federal government will go bankrupt
  • some other bs I don't remember - it was 4 hours ago and I didn't take notes.
Okay, so let's recap - blatant lies. Every figure I've seen shows health costs at least doubling, plus companies going out of business BECAUSE of the bill, not the lack thereof. The only thing that might have truth in what he said is that the .gov will go bankrupt - that may be true because they will be imposing massive taxes and fines with the bill. However, the bill is set to increase the deficit to the tune of 1 TRILLION DOLLARS! How do you keep from going bankrupt by going further into debt?

Anyone who can think for themselves should be terrified/angry beyond belief at what is happening, especially with all of the underhanded things the dems are doing and the blatant lies that are being told.

And you know something else, I didn't even know our health system was in a crisis until these blabber-mouths started spouting (more) lies. We have the best health care in the world!! So our insurance system needs tweaked - oh well, at least people can live long enough in this country to pay our hospital bills. Others aren't so lucky.

This isn't about health care, folks! It's about control! Don't give it to them. Let's take back our country peacefully, before it's too late! As Newbius said,
I much prefer the soap box and the ballot box to the final option for redress of grievances, the cartridge box.

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