Friday, December 18, 2009

When it Rains . . .

It pours.

So, last night on the way home from work, my speedometer stopped working and stuck at 0. No big deal, I'm good at speed estimation.
This morning, I leave the house a little before 6 to play basketball with some buddies. I start down our road and realize that my transmission won't shift past 2nd gear. Ugh. Halfway down the road it shifts up and speeds up my transit.
Then I pull out onto the main road. Transmission shifts up, albeit slowly, as I hear two bumps and my car jolts a little. Then a noise. Loud, obnoxious noise. I stop. It's dark, I don't have my flashlight with me (will be correcting that problem). I walk around the car to find a flat tire. A flat tire with a hole in it big enough to fit 3 fingers into.
So, I guess I'll be checking if the cost of repairing the transmission is worth the cost of the car. In all fairness, I've had that car for 4 years, and I've worked it like a truck. With only 4 cylinders, I haul garbage, lumber, pull trailers, and do anything else I can get it to do. I guess we'll see if my friend stays around or if I get a new friend - probably a truck I can work like a truck.

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