Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coffee Shop Conversation

Sitting here in the coffee shop I frequent in order to have internet access, I overheard a conversation. A man was talking to some lady he knew (but didn't come with) and happened to ask her if she had seen the guy who was a college student in here that carries a gun. He remarked that he he's kinda scary. I was listening intently for another bit of information as he then stated that they guy's pistol is a .40 caliber.

Mind you, while I am sitting and listening to this conversation, I am openly carrying my sidearm. Now, I've talked to this man before, so when he stood up right afterward, I asked him if it's the guy who is normally around here in the mornings. He said yes. My reply? "That would be me." You should have seen the look on his face. He apologized so many times it was obnoxious. Meanwhile, the people around him (who had come with the woman) were getting a kick out of watching him backstep in his words. Meanwhile, one of the workers comes in and he and I get into a very informative conversation about carrying. He is not old enough yet, but would like to carry when he is. I was able to help him understand the responsibility and the current process (which hopefully will get changed.)

Another day open carrying, another person taught. The best part, everyone in the room got to see how someone openly carrying a gun responded to the, I guess you could say, insults or insinuations, of someone who viewed him negatively. What everyone saw was a young man with a handgun professionally, politely, and respectfully answering.

+1 for OC.

Act Free.

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