Thursday, June 23, 2011

Turning the Other Cheek

Via WRSA comes this quote:

"Violence must be replied to with violence. The only time I would suggest turning the other cheek is when firing off the left shoulder with a rifle after taking cover in a doorway."

Venlet, citing de Havilland

Now, I have to ask you, for whatever contingency arises, whether it be TEOTWAWKI or armed thugs in your home, are you PRACTICING? Do you dry-fire practice from low-ready and high-ready positions? Do you practice leaning around a corner and making sure your barrel clears the wall/doorway? It's easy to shoot the wall if you don't practice.

By the way, if you practice consistently, especially with an older rifle (you know, the kind that is all wood and metal, one of my favorites being my Mosin Nagant M38 - weighs 7.5 pounds empty), it is a very toning exercise for your arms.

How you train is how you fight. Do you want to fight like an amateur when your life depends on it? Keep watching TV. Do you want to win the fight (live)? Practice. Now.

Act Free.

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