Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rush Limbaugh on Project Gunwalker

I know I haven't said much about the ATF operation turned scandle, but time has been short, and I have the link to Sipsey Street in the sidebar and hope some took the opportunity to find out why Mike is a daily read.

Today I heard Rush mentiong the Gunwalker Scandle, and had to cringe when he got one of the facts wrong. He said the story was originally broke on CBS in March. So, I hope that he is able to admit he was wrong and correct it on-air to give credit where it is truly due - Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea. Below is the e-mail I sent.

"Correction to June 20, 2011 broadcast Re: Project Gunwalker

Thank you for covering Project Gunwalker on you show. It really has not gotten enough attention in the media, especially given that it is now in hearings in Congress.

One thing I would like to suggest for you to correct though is that this scandle was not initially broke on CBS in March. That was simply the first time MSM picked it up. For several months preceding that, the story was being covered doggedly by two bloggers with contacts in ATF. These two men worked tirelessly and mostly thanklessly to cover what was sure to preclude another assault on our Second Amendment rights. These are their names and their blog sites, if you seek to give credit to two men who certainly deserve it.

Mike Vanderboegh -

David Codrea -

Thank you,

We shall see.

Act Free.

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