Friday, April 16, 2010


Just passed a billboard on I-55 in MO which I hope gets people thinking.

"When you get to the gates, what will you say when He asks, 'Did you defend unborn children?' "

There seem to be a lot of pro-life billboards in MO. I'm enjoying it.

Saw another billboard which was AMAZING, though it had nothing to do with abortion. Here's what it said:

"Free bungee-jumping for Congressmen! No Strings Attached! $1,300,000,000 Deficit! Vote them all out in November!"

I especially like the "no strings attached" line. Enjoy!

Better update!!!
Via Lance, and by the way, thank you again, good sir, we now have a picture to share! Isn't it great?!


Sandra said...

I the free bungie-jumping for congressmen billboard near St. Louis?

Matt said...

Yeah, I think I saw it on I-70W out of St. Louis. There was another good billboard on the way back east from Kansas City, which quite frankly I was surprised they haven't taken down. It went something to this tune:

Citizen's guide to revolution:
1. Starve the beast, stop paying taxes
2. Vote out all incumbents in November 2010
3. If that fails . . .
Prepare for war!

That's not verbatim, but it's close enough for the point.

Lance said...

Thought that might be it. My step father put that billboard up. LOL it's great! We have not been up to see it yet but will be going Memorial Day Weekend and will try and get a picture for ya.

Matt said...

That's awesome! I will welcome a picture of it for sure, and make sure to post it and share some of the goodness! If you get the opportunity, my e-mail is rcktscientist2003 AT yahoo DOT com. Thanks!

Lance said...

Hey there! Picture looks great! Keep up the great work.