Friday, June 11, 2010

The Age of Ignorance

Sadly, Longstreet is right on this one.

"One can only conclude that America finds herself in the current mess as a direct result of ignorance. “Ignorance of what,” you ask? I must answer, “Ignorance of practically everything.”"
I had a wonderful run-in with it today at work. Fella came up and asked if we take the Benefit Security Cards. I told him we didn't, and he said, "It's not EBT, it's FEMA." *begin shaking head*

EBT - Electronic Benefits Transfer

Yes, the government uses it for funds dispersal, which raises many concerns about it being used as an opiate for the masses in the future, as I have seen some others make mention of. Possibly far-fetched . . . maybe, but given what our government has shown itself to be capable of, maybe not. But I digress . . .

Read his whole post on American ignorance here: INSIGHT on Freedom: America’s Golden Age of Ignorance

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