Sunday, June 6, 2010

America turns it’s back on the “American Family”

An excellent, though rather sobering read from Longstreet. He's right. Stop, look around you and consider how we got here. Then consider where we will be if we continue on this course. Below follows a short excerpt from his writing. It would behoove you to read the whole article, and as always, think about it.

INSIGHT on Freedom: America turns it’s back on the “American Family”:
"We have failed, as a people, to protect our families. We have, through social programs, and such, made it much easier to dissolve the family and to create something acceptable to the “socialist shadow government”, working behind the scenes in America, in order to provide the necessities for that group without actually working for it, nor providing the guidance of a nuclear family. The children coming out of such a 'mock-up' of a family have no way of knowing that their experience was anything less than normal and they create their own… and in so doing… perpetuate the rot at our core.

Here in America we have an entire underclass, and entire segment of American society, who are wards of the US government."


strandediniowa said...

It's easier to let the gov handle it and more profitable. Going through college aid (a requirement for admission), I found we qualified for $0.00 grants. Realizing that if I divorced my wife, she and the kids could get: state assistance, food stamps, the kids could get free med coverage and the oldest would get a free ride at college.

Too bad I have a conscience and some moral back-bone. It would be cheaper (for me) otherwise.

Matt said...

Exactly, but there are too many people who don't have any moral backbone.

The problem has been that Americans for several decades either were not paying attention or were apathetic to what was happening. We haven't been holding politicians accountable for the bills they pass or the agencies they create. I hope and pray that the American people will not forget what is happening now after the elections in November. The work is just starting.