Thursday, June 3, 2010

One Reason I Like TN

Had an interesting experience today. It really started Tuesday.
While working, one of the county sheriff deputies, who is a daily customer, came up to the window. For the first time, I saw him wearing his sidearm, and commented on it cause it was a 1911.
So, today, I step out of the kiosk as he pulls up next to the door. I see his handgun on his passenger seat and mention it. A couple sentences later, he is handing me his sidearm (loaded) so I can see how the grips feel.
It's a full sized Para 1911 in .45. He had after-market grips on it, and for a .45, it felt good in my hands. Most are too big for me, which is why I have a .40 instead. I like his pistol.

This was all in a gas station parking lot. Now, on the other hand, this guy doesn't even know my name, much less whether or not I'm responsible in handling firearms. Of course, he didn't tell me it was loaded (I assumed so since it's his duty weapon), I follow the 4 rules and voila, no accidents. He didn't know that, though. So, I guess that concerns me a little, but I was too excited when he handed it to me to care at the time.

Here's the cool part - In a busy gas station lot, no one looked twice. Yeah, I like Tennessee. Now if we could just get the heat and humidity down.


Kate said...

Yikes! You might have been responsible, but HE sure wasn't. He should have removed the clip and cleared the chamber. :/

Matt said...

Yes, I agree whole-heartedly. He was definitely too trusting.

Now on the other hand, I wish that the thug-cops would do what he did - but never take the gun back.