Monday, June 28, 2010

Infuriating Hypocrisy

Came upon this on Saturday, but just now getting the time to comment on it.

So, the G8 meets prior to a larger meeting of the G20. I'm going to post two quotes from the article, and see if you can sense any hypocrisy. You will surely see the stupidity without trying.

World leaders found themselves divided on how best to keep the world economy growing after the worst recession since the 1930s. They split between calls, mainly from the U.S., for more government stimulus to keep the world from slipping back into recession, and appeals from European countries and Japan for spending cuts and even tax hikes to avoid Greece-like near defaults.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy told reporters that President Barack Obama "clearly talked about the risks of debt and deficit" in the U.S.
First off, if Obama is clearly talking about the risks of debt and deficit, why is he so intent on constantly raising ours? The article even says that the calls were mainly coming from the US that more government stimulus is needed. Hello, that means higher debt and deficits, at no benefit to the people. And of course, that all leads to higher taxes, which I read somewhere else, that Obama had condemned at the current time (all the while pushing to pass cap-and-trade and after passing Obamacare, both of which cause taxes and living expenses to increase, thereby staving off economic recovery).

I still don't get why people think tax hikes are going to make things better. Have they paid no attention to history? I guess not. Yes, they need to lower spending, but they also need to lower taxes. When taxes are lower, industry thrives, which means unemployment drops, more workers are making more money, and the taxes are getting collected at a higher end number because more people are paying into the system. Higher taxes are oppressive to industry and economic recovery.

Can anyone help me with this question; how do so many incompetent people make it into leadership positions around the world?

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