Monday, October 5, 2009

(Almost) New Shooter Report

So, among so many of the other good things that came with getting to see my family again, I was able to give my little sister a good introduction to shooting. Now, she's grown up around us and guns, but never showed extreme interest, though she did try to shoot with us once or twice. We didn't have the setup back home to give her a good intro to rifle marksmanship, and she can't handle any of our pistols . . . until now. I broke out the S&W 22A again (which now has 1200 rounds through it . . . only had it two months). The grip is almost too big for her, but I had her adjust how she was holding it, and she did very well.

I started her off shooting at 5 yards.
Here she is shooting . . .

And here are her targets:

The first target was after her first set of 20 rounds. The second was a set of 28 rounds (target fell off, so she shot the last two at a steel flapper).

After that, we stepped back to 20 yards to let her try to hit a bigger target (about half the size of a torso target) with 10 rounds. She hit over 50%.

All in all, a great time shooting. She enjoyed it so much she talked about wanting to get a pistol, but one with a smaller grip to fit her hands better. I'd say that's a success!

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