Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Open Carry Debate

I like what Robb has to say here.
Seems to me that everyone who claims to be a 2A activist then condemns open carry isn't much more that a closet activist.
I'll admit, I don't open carry much, but I enjoy when I do. For one, I can't OC at work, and it doesn't make much sense to carry a different holster for when I get off. Retention is also an issue, making sure no one gets an idea to try to take my gun.
Every now and then, I do OC. It is far more comfortable to wear my Fobus paddle holster than my Blackhawk IWB holster. I do also enjoy making a statement, desensitizing people, and starting conversations. Educating people is good.
I'm just glad I live in a state that allows OC. I enjoy seeing it, even if I can't or don't always do so myself.

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