Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Christians at War

Currently my mind has been called to dig a little and write an essay about whether or not a Christian can go to war with their own government and maintain a moral footing. Now, being a Christian, and also being very opinionated about what's happening in our country now, I find this important. I cannot give many details about the thoughts currently swirled together in my head, because that would lead to a long post which I do not have time for, given that I have to leave for business in half an hour.

I would like to open up a forum in the comments of this post regarding reasoning one way or the other in order to help me consider things more fully as I write the essay. So, please leave me some feedback on the issue, and send some respectable folks my way to leave their thoughts as well. Thanks to all!

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strandediniowa said...

I would suggest reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer's writings, who struggled with this very same thought during Nazi Germany. I found his "Cost of Discipleship" heavy but worth the effort.