Monday, October 19, 2009

Laziness in the Technological Age

Another story from work illustrating part of why this nation is in trouble. We are getting LAZY!

Okay, so, this girl walks up to the window to prepay for her gas. I ask her which pump she is on. She doesn't know. So, instead of walking the 50 feet to look at her pump number which she should have seen when she first got out of her car, she takes the time to send a text message to her passenger! Said passenger doesn't respond, so she gets mad and walks the 50 feet anyway.

This would be funny if it wasn't the mindset Americans have on things which are much more important. People don't want to work for freedom anymore. We don't want to really work for anything, which means we have forgotten that anything worth having is worth working for.

We need to get rid of this thinking if we want to keep our freedom. Not only is freedom worth working for, but it's worth dying for. The founders knew this when the signed their own death warrant, also known as the Declaration of Independence. Are we willing to work for, much less die for Liberty?

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