Monday, October 19, 2009

A Country of Double Standards

While working the other day, a customer came up and said "hey dawg" (i think that's the way they spell it). So, I ask my boss when it became a good thing to call someone "dog". That led to some other questions.

Why is it okay for black folks to to call each other "nigger" but it's racist if a white person says it?
Why can they have a "Miss Black America" pageant, but they can't have a "Miss White America" pageant?
Why can you give out a scholarship exclusively for blacks or hispanics, or any other minority, but you can't have one exclusively for whites?

This is really the tip of the iceberg. No, I'm not racist; I'm simply pointing out some of the double standards that we have in this country. No one is better than anyone else just because of their race or any other insignificant reason. What we actually have in the US now is reverse discrimination. Folks can argue with me as much as they want about it, but I've seen too much in my relatively short life. I have too many examples. What we need in this country is to simply be Americans and be colorblind. Give credit to whom credit is due, regardless of race. Stop the double standards.

There are a lot of political double standards too. Apparently it is now biased to criticize both parties equally, but non-partisan to rail against so-called Republicans while exalting Democrats. Plus, it is now considered "domestic terrorism" if you believe in God, guns, and everything the founding fathers believed in.

Folks, we have issues we need to address. How? I am not yet sure, simply identifying a problem that to some has been obvious for some time, and of which others are still oblivious. Let's get on the road back to real equality, what this nation was founded upon.

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