Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Range Report!

So, I finally got to do some shooting again today and get two rifles sighted in. Here's how it went:

First, I have finally become proficient enough with my S&W 22A that I can shoot the cap off of a 20 oz bottle at 7 yards fairly consistently. Wish I could do that with my 380.

Second, I got the scope on my Rossi .223 zeroed in at 50 yards. It's a little high, so if I figured it out right, I should be 1.5" high at 100 yards, and about zero at 200 yards. That means with my sniper reticle, I'm now good out to 400 yards.
The zero is set for Remington Power-Lokt 55 gr PSP ammo. It's the only ammo I can get to group less than 4" at 50 yards in that Rossi. It actually groups less than an inch, which I'm pretty happy with considering the rifle is a break-action.
Bad news is, I discovered that my rifle does not like the Federal Fusion ammo. Grouped just as bad if not worse than the FMJ rounds I have, and at more than twice the price. Thankfully only bought one box. This means I'm on my way back to the store for more Remington ammo.

Also got the chance to shoot Big Bertha, more aptly known as a Mosin-Nagant M38 Carbine. I have about 800 rounds of 1976 Polish surplus ammo, but the problem is it doesn't group tremendously well, and it shoots about 6" high at 50 yards, and 10-12" high at 100 yds, so I figure it would zero between 300 and 400 yds. A lot of the Mosins were sighted for 300 meters, even though the sight graduations start at 100. Another problem with that ammo is that I can't use it for deer hunting in TN. No FMJ or military ammo allowed.
So, on to ammo #2. Brown bear 203gr SP. Good news is, the heavier ammo and slightly lighter powder charge puts it about an inch high at 50 yds, which should put it even or a little higher at 100 yds, and probably come to zero again around 150-175 yds, though I have yet to get somewhere I can test that theory. At any rate, that means that any shot I would take on a deer (I don't take chancy shots when hunting, and I'm only confident to 100yds with that rifle right now), it's as good as jerky (or steak, or burgers, or . . . .).

That was my fun for the day. Anyone have comments on the trajectory for the Brown Bear 7.62x54r rounds that may be helpful for my relative lack of experience with these cartridges? I'm plenty familiar with the Polish surplus, just would welcome help on the other. Thanks to all, and happy shooting!

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